Friday, October 21, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 21, 2016

1) via @CREDOMobile @NFL players, coaches, @NFLCommish @DeSmithNFLPA: Denounce @realDonaldTrump "locker room" excuse

2) Stop the Native American land grab & reject Rep. Bishop's Public Land Initiative:

3) Kittens Used as Bait in Pit Bull Fights – Demand Justice

4) Demand Justice for Pedals the Bear and Save Bears in New Jersey

5) Justice for Dog Duct-Taped and Left on Road to Die

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 20, 2016

1) Protect Koala Habitats From Land Clearing

2) 911 Operator Accused of Deeming Calls “Not Worth Her Time” Must be Punished

3) Free Gay Couple Arrested for Cuddling on Facebook

4) Stop Bow Hunting Mama Bears With Cubs

5) Rich Socialite Accused of Torching Dogs With Fire Must be Arrested

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 19, 2016

1) via @AFLCIO #1uVote Why is Trump hiding his taxes? Demand @realDonaldTrump release his taxes now:

2) via @CREDOMobile @McDonalds and @realDonaldTrump both have a sexual harassment problem. Stand up to them:

3) Republican leaders need to denounce Trump now

4) Demand your government speak out for whales

5) Pedals the Bear Killed by Hunters – Take Action

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