Monday, March 27, 2017

Petitions to Sign for March 27, 2017

1) Urge Candy Companies to De-Bug Their Sweets

2) In Its 150th Year, Urge Canada to End the Commercial Seal Slaughter

3) via @moveon Tell Congress: Shut down and #InvestigateTrump!

4) Men Who Cruelly Fed Cat to Dogs Must Receive Harsher Punishment

5) Stop Japan from Hunting the Endangered Sei Whale

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Petitions to Sign for March 18, 2017

1) Fire Cop for Reportedly Calling Obama a ‘Gorilla’ .

2) Stop Hateful Discrimination Against LGBT Veterans

3) Tell ContourGlobal: Deliver Clean Energy to Kosovo, Not More Coal! @ContourOfficial

4) Jay Clayton spent his entire career serving Wall Street, so he can't be in charge of policing it. Add your name:

5) Support Anti-Fracking Bill

Friday, March 17, 2017

Petitions to Sign for March 17, 2017

1) via @moveon No Arms Deal for #MohammedBinFamine While Food Blocked At Yemen's Hodeida

2) via @moveon Stand with @RepBarbaraLee: No to U.S. Ground Troops in Syria

3) Tell President Trump that you don't want ground troops in Syria. Sign now!

4)  via @RainforestResq Ban trophy hunting – save the lions!

5) A proposed replacement for #ACA puts health coverage at risk. Tell Congress to protect care.

Petitions to Sign for March 16, 2017

1) Who would you trust with access to your phone & all your passwords? New airport rules put your privacy at risk

2) Urge the National Hockey League to Ban Animals at Games and Events

3) via @Bold_Alliance Stop the rubber-stamp for oil & gas pipelines through Virginia's waters: #NoMVP #NoACP

4) Cancel Cruel Circus Whose Bear Urinated on Herself

5) Innocent Dog Allegedly Shot by Neighbor–Demand Justice

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