Monday, January 16, 2017

Petitions to Sign for Jan 16, 2017

1) Do Not Confirm Trump’s Nominees Without Ethics Reviews

2) Stop Giving Students Sexist Homework Assignments

3) Help Tucson Stop Monsanto's Back-Room Deal!

4) Stand against Trump's extreme anti-woman agenda! #WarOnWomen

5) Reject drilling in Arctic Refuge polar bear denning grounds!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Petitions for Jan 15, 2017

1) Justice for Tiger Allegedly Tied Down to Pose for Pictures

2) Sign to tell @TheJusticeDept: law enforcement agencies must report all deaths of people in custody. #DCRA

3) @ExxonMobil is responsible for huge oil spill disasters. Now its former CEO might be Secretary of State? #RejectRex

4) Tell President-elect Trump: NO Dangerous Monsanto-Bayer Megamerger!

5)  Protect National Parks by Demanding Congress Value Them at More Than $0

Friday, January 13, 2017

Petitions for Jan 13, 2017

1) Demand more funding to go into renewable energy and decrease use of fossil fuels.

2) via @CFSTrueFood Trump’s worst pick? Climate change denier Scott Pruitt. Tell Congress to block his EPA confirmation!

3) Oppose Trump’s pick for labor secretary! Sign the petition

4) Sign the petition today opposing Donald Trump’s nominee for labor secretary. #AntiLaborSecretary

5) Remove Seal Meat From Menu at Food Festival

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