Wednesday, December 30, 2015

To all you Donald Lovers -->

It's true. -->

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Why GOP pigs are ignant assholes. -->

This is why -->

You GOP pigs are wrong. Again. As usual.

Do you feel dumb yet? Are you ashamed of yourselves for allowing yourselves to be lied to?

Do you republicans feel like a dumbass yet?

Everything you idiots have said over the last 7 years was a lie. 

And do you still support Reagan? 

Did you know that Reagan supported terrorists?

Admit to your failures already.

You chicken hawks do love supporting terrorists. 

You pigs do love your taxpayer paid vacations. 

"In God We Trust"

No, you uneducated idiot.  It wasn't always on our currency. 

No, Bitch, That's not how God works.

Latest Crazy from

Texas Christian Claims She Diverted Tornado to Another Neighborhood: ‘God Had Given Us Authority Over the Winds’

If you are not listening to "The Professional Left" podcast, you need to be.

The Professional Left by Driftglass and Bluegal

The same people calling for war are the same ones who never served in the military.

Republican pigs calling for war --> 



Are you a "Christian" and feeling persecuted?

Here is an easy to read flow-chart. 

Stop being a tinfoil wearing idiot.

You religious nutballs want "prayer" in school?

There is No Difference

To all you RWNJ's:  There is no difference between YOUR ignorance and THEIR ignorance.

Russian Terrorists in Ukraine

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