Thursday, June 30, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 30, 2016

1) Tell @NOAA to save whales and other marine life from devastating ocean noise. Sign @NRDC's petition

2) via @moveon President Obama: Tell the Chinese Government to Stop the Dog and Cat Meat Trade!

3) #ExxonKnew I just told @ExxonMobil to face reality and act responsibly on global warming. Now it's your turn:

4)  via @other98 Western State Governors CAN Stop Oil Trains

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 29, 2016

1) I urge the @USACEHQ to revoke Nationwide Permit 12 & stop fast-tracking approval of oil pipelines w/o environmental review or public input!

2) I urge @PHMSA_DOT to strengthen and quickly finalize new safeguards to protect our communities & climate from unsafe natural gas pipelines!

3) via @food_democracy Breaking: Monsanto, Whole Foods and Corrupt Corporate Organic try 2 kill GMO labeling #labelGMOs

4) Justice for Turtle Allegedly Crushed to Death With Hammer

5) Let's pass the Massie-Lofgren amendment and shut down backdoor surveillance!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 28, 2016

1) via @ForceChange Ban Live Animal Exports After Cattle Bludgeoned to Death

2) Investigate Murder of Trans Woman Found in Burning Car

3) Justice for Senior Dog Abandoned in a Ditch

4) Stop Selling Whale Meat

5) via @CREDOMobile Sign the petition: Tell Democrats to stand up to Trump's hate #DumpTrump

Monday, June 27, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 27, 2016

1)  via @LCVoters Apple CEO @tim_cook should NOT be raising money for #climatechange denier @SpeakerRyan. SIGN HERE:

2) Service Dog Taken Out by Hit-And-Run Driver. Find and charge driver who hit a service dog and then drove away.

3) Protect Silky Sharks from Longline Fishing

4) Stop Covering Up Corporate Threats to Great Barrier Reef

5) Investigate Oakland Police For Rape of Trafficked Child

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 26, 2016

1) via @ForceChange Punish Parents Accused of Gifting Daughter to Child Molester to Pay Debt

2) via @ForceChange Fire Juvenile Detention Officers Caught Beating Child on Video 

3) via @ForceChange Shut Down Oil Drilling Site in Residential Area

4) Tell the Democratic Party Platform Committee: Stand Up to Big Drug Companies.

5) via @TakePart Tell the USDA to Test for Glyphosate

Friday, June 24, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 24, 2016

1) Tell your Senators: No Deal on GMO labels!

2) Join @NPCA in thanking @POTUS for designating Stonewall Nat'l Monument and making #nationalparks more inclusive.

3)  via @PETA Urge Baseball Teams to Cancel Cruel ''Monkey Rodeos''

4) Turkey: Don’t ban Istanbul Pride

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 23, 2016

1)  #TrumpTheFraud To Congress: Stop Suspected Terrorists From Buying Guns In America. TAKE ACTION at

2) #TrumpTheFraud #NoAssault To Congress: Ban All Assault Weapons Now...

3) @food_democracy #labelGMOs
48 hours to Stop Monsanto from killing GMO labeling for good

4) "Respect for All" Must Start In Our K-12 Schools

5) via @peoplefor Tell Senators: PASS the #WeThePeople Act to undo #Citizens United and #GetMoneyOut

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 22, 2016

1) via @moveon Stop the Florida Bear Hunt

2) via @moveon US Congress: Pass A Law to Ban Unverifiable Voting Machines Without Paper Trails

3) via @demandprogress Tell Congress to stop unchecked government hacking: Co-sponsor the Stop Mass Hacking Act now!

4) via @AmnestyOz Help Narges return to her children

5) Petition Chinese Government and the UN to Allow Tibetans to Stay in their Homes

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 21, 2016

1) Tell the EPA to act on bee-killing pesticides NOW!

2) via @audubonsociety Tell @USFWS that Bald and Golden Eagle take permits shouldn't last 30 years. Take action today:

3) Take action to fix the 1977 law that lets coal companies stick us with the bill for toxic mine cleanup:

4) Sign the the petition demanding that Donald Trump release multiple years of his tax returns:

Monday, June 20, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 20, 2016

1) via @ForceChange Expose Big Oil for Conspiracy to Hide Climate Change Science

2) Recall Judge Who Let Rapist Off With Six Month Sentence

3) via @ForceChange Don’t Let Corporations Sidestep Environmental Laws

4) Demand Justice for Trans Woman Who Died at Hospital

5) #exxonknew Tell Republican attorneys general to stop interfering with climate fraud investigations:

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 19, 2016

1) via @AFTunion I just wrote my senators about gun safety before two important votes tomorrow. Write yours now:

2) Ban Non-Biodegradable Plastics

3)  via @CREDOMobile #GunControlNow Tell @NancyPelosi @SenatorReid @POTUS: Force a vote on banning assault weapons

4) Sign the the petition demanding that Donald Trump release multiple years of his tax returns:

5) Shame Hateful Pastor Who Applauded Orlando Terrorist Attack

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 18, 2016

1) via @PETA Bear Necessities: Tell the USDA to Ban Bear Pits Now

2) Please Sign: Online Book of Condolences for Orlando Victims and Families -->

3) Protect communities from natural gas pipeline disasters

4) Tell the Democratic Party Platform Committee: Stand Up to Big Drug Companies.

5) via @rootstrikers  #StopTPP #DoddFrank Block the TPP from undermining Dodd-Frank!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 17, 2016

1) via @moveon EPA: Act on bee-killing pesticides NOW!

2) via @moveon #Orlando Enough is enough. Tell Congress to ban assault weapons NOW.

3)  Urge your rep to cut funding for dangerous & unnecessary new #nuclearweapons system  #LRSO

4) I just signed to tell my Rep to protect drinking water in U.S. communities. Join me and support the #WATERAct

5) Tell @Interior to end coal mining on public lands. Add your name today: #SayNoToCoal

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 16, 2016

1) @HillaryClinton: Be Better Than Trump - Don't Blame Islam

2) We must stand together. Take a pledge stand against hatred, division, and violence. #OrlandoUnited @WinWithoutWar

3) Every person, no matter who they are or who they love, has a fundamental right to live free from violence.

4) Tell @USFWS not to strip protections for Yellowstone's grizzlies. Sign @NRDC's petition to save them

5) Help Stop U.S. Trophy Hunting

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 15, 2016

1) Stand up against gun violence: write your members of Congress NOW! #OrlandoUnited

2) via @moveon Add your name: Ban assault weapons! #NotOneMore #StandWithOrlando 

3) via @Presenteorg Tell Congress to cut off and investigate @g4s_usa, the Orlando Mass Murderer's employer 

4) Protect Sea Turtles from Oil Spills in the Gulf of Mexico

5) Tell @SecretaryJewell taxpayers shouldn't pay to clean up abandoned mines

Monday, June 13, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 13, 2016

1) EPA: Don't Allow Radiation in Drinking Water!

2) Monsanto already has too much control over food & farming! @WhiteHouse, pleases step in & block new mergers:

3) Time and time again, Pam Bondi has put politics ahead of Floridians' well-being, and this isn't okay. That is why it's time for Floridians to learn the truth.

4) Sign on to say NO to Estonia strip mining Utah for the dirtiest oil there is 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 11, 2016

1) via @moveon @SenatorBaldwin: Explain Your Vote for Pentagon Bloat

2) Tell @sendavidperdue: Apologize for suggesting praying for Obama's death

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 09, 2016

1) via @PewEnvironment #worldoceansday
New England's ocean treasures need your support. Take action now:

2) Sign our petition today demanding @PortofLA & @PortofLongBeach stop lawbreakers from doing business at ports!

3) The House energy bill is a joke but attacks on wildlife and ignoring climate change is no laughing matter!

4) via @peoplefor
Tell Senators: NO racial tests for judicial nominees

5) via @moveon  Remove judge who sentenced Stanford rapist to only 6 mo in county jail from the bench!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 08, 2016

1) via @moveon FDA: It's time for real action to save antibiotics

2) Tell companies to stop supporting hate speech. #TrumpHate

3) Will @SpeakerRyan condone @HouseScience ignorant, corrupt attacks? Take action: #ExxonKnew

4) via @moveon Save Our Post Office

5) via @moveon Expedite the Trump University court case

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 07 2016

1) via @Earthjustice Stop a massive and dirty oil shale strip mining project on public lands

2) via @CREDOMobile Tell @HouseGOP to stop playing politics with #Zika

3) via @Change California State House: Recall Judge Aaron Persky

4) tell the @DemConvention and @GOPconvention that it's time to ban #fracking and #fossilfuel. #KeepItInTheGround

5) MT @SierraRise @Walgreens Defend the mighty krill at

Monday, June 6, 2016

Petitions to Sing for June 06, 2016

1) via @CREDOMobile Tell the @EPA to ban toxic bee-killing pesticides now

2) Without better funding, our water systems are in serious danger. Support a fix to protect health nationwide: #WATERAct

3) via @CREDOMobile Tell Congress: Stop hedge fund tax dodging

4) via @network4animals Petition to Stop the Canadian Seal Cull

5) Tell @POTUS to close our Arctic and Atlantic waters to reckless offshore oil drilling forever. Sign @NRDC's petition:

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 04, 2016

1) via @AFTunion  I just wrote my elected officials urging them to provide emergency #Zika funding. Write one here:

2) Tell House Republicans: Stop protecting Exxon from investigations over its climate deception

3) Tell Congress: Just Say No to Disastrous Energy Bill

4) Say No to Big Coal in Bangladesh's Mangroves

5) BLM: Maintain the Moratorium on New Coal Leases on Public Lands

Friday, June 3, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 03, 2016

1) via @AmnestyOz Her freedom is at risk again – miscarriage is not a crime

2) I just took action to stop imminent executions in Indonesia. Join me?

3) Dogs Reportedly Shot by Laughing Police Officers Deserve Justice

4) Protect Endangered Ocelot From Cruel Snares and Traps

5) Tell #EPA to ACT NOW to Keep Our Hives Alive! #Pollinators #SaveOurBees #Neonics @bpncamp

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Petitions to Sign for June 01, 2016

1) Protect Rainforest From Greedy Energy Company

2) via @EcoInternet2 Demand Logging End in Poland's Bialowieza Forest, Europe's Last Large Old-Growth Forest

3) via @moveon Make Ban on Cluster Bomb Transfers to Saudi Arabia Permanent

4) Justice for Harambe the Gorilla, Killed by Zoo

5) via @foodandwater A "modern" energy bill that promotes fossil fuels and ignores renewable energy is out of date.

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