Sunday, July 31, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 31, 2016

1) via @healthygulf Don't fast-track destruction! Take action here to protect our water and wetlands:

2) 25 years with no permit? End polluters' free ride:  Support EPA's plan to enforce water permits

3) via @po_st Fight the cruel dog meat trade in India

4) Stop the executions in Indonesia

5) via @CREDOMobile #TrumpTreason No classified national security briefings for @RealDonaldTrump

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 30, 2016

1) via @CREDOMobile Tell Congress to stop the proposed "Republic of Cliven Bundy."

2) Via @PplsActionInst Tell the @EPA to stand up for communities on the frontlines of #climatechange. Take action:

3) Tell @GinaEPA: Take @DowChemical's toxic herbicide off the market and #savemonarchs. Sign @NRDC's petition

4) Urge Ohio State Fair to Cancel Abusive Sea Lion Show!

5) Let's end waste from coffee cups

Friday, July 29, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 29, 2016

1) via @CREDOMobile No classified national security briefings for @RealDonaldTrump #TrumpTreason

2) via @AmnestyOz Stop the imminent executions in Indonesia

3) via @ForceChange Stop Producing Sunscreen that Kills Coral Reefs

4) via @CREDOMobile Tell the @EPA to ban toxic bee-killing pesticides now #SaveTheBees

5) Urge USDA to protect captive big cats, bears and primates

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 28, 2016

1) Justice for Kitten Set On Fire at Music Festival

2) via @CREDOMobile  Tell Democratic leaders to oppose the Ryan tax cuts for the rich

3) Prosecute Cop For Shooting Unarmed Therapist With Hands-up

4) Tell @BLMNational to protect public lands and our climate from Big #Coal. #KeepItInTheGround

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 27, 2016 #B

1) Tell BLM to Minimize Helicopter Use; Improve Humane Standards Wild Horses

2) via @PewEnvironment Take Action: Protect Red Snapper and Our Fisheries Management System

3) Shut Down Circus Where Animals Are Dragged, Beaten and Kicked

4) via @ForceChange Justice for Innocent Black Man Tasered by Cops

5) Tell @POTUS to protect Native American sites; designate Bears Ears a national monument:

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 26, 2016

1) Caregivers like Charles Kinsey should not have to fear for their lives while doing their jobs:

2) via @CREDOMobile Tell corporate media to stop blaming victims like Sterling and Castile

3) via @CREDOMobile Stand with @SenWarren: Protect Americans from risky derivatives

4) Stop Grinding Chicks to Death for Egg Industry

5) Tell The IRS: Church Politicking Is Too Big To Ignore. Sign The Petition at

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 24, 2016

1) via @food_democracy Tell President Obama keep his 2007 campaign promise to label GMOs! #labelGMOs #VetoS764

2) via @RainforestResq Protect Leuser's iconic wildlife!

3) via @moveon Senate Dems: Oppose Vocal Iran Deal Opponent as VP

4) via @moveon @westernlaw Tell @POTUS: Stop bobcat and wolf fur exports now! Add your name:

5) via @moveon @PennEnvironment Sign the petition: Reject @Shell 's toxic deal.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 23, 2016

1) California: help hold the oil industry accountable for climate science deception:

2) The most romantic day of their lives turned into a nightmare. Help these two students from #China fight back:

3) via @SierraRise America loves chicken but at what cost? Tell these poultry companies to respect their workers:

4) Tell the #GOP to stop playing politics w/ women's health & pass responsible #Zika legislation:

5) It's time to call climate deniers out! Tell Congress to denounce the #WebOfDenial on climate change:

Friday, July 22, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 22, 2016

1) The House Interior Appropriations Bill is full of measures that hurt wildlife. Tell your rep to vote 'no!'

2) I just signed to tell my Rep to protect drinking water in U.S. communities. Join me and support the #WATERAct

3) via @demandprogress Sign now: Protect our privacy. Stop the @FBI's power grab to make its biometric database secret!

4) AmeriCorps caves to extremists?! Click to save our communities:

5) Tell the @TheJusticeDept: Bring charges against #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile's killers

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 20, 2016

1) It's crazy that 45m Americans on food stamps can't use them online to buy healthy food. Sign the petition at:

2) via @amnesty Stop the unlawful use of #DeadlyForce by police and call for comprehensive criminal justice reform.

3) I just signed to tell @CNN to #ReportOnClimate change, not show fossil fuel ads. Join me and sign now:

4) via @foodandwater Sign the petition: EPA: Don't allow more radiation in drinking water!

5) Sign your name to demand the Trump campaign apologize to Michelle Obama:

Monday, July 18, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 18, 2016

1) Via @CREDOMobile Tell @TheJusticeDept to hold police officers accountable when they kill Black people #BlackLivesMatter

2) Pledge to not let Trump and Pence take us backwards on LGBT rights.

3) Don’t let Monsanto undermine GMO labeling. Tell @POTUS to veto bill & take action @

4) Sign the petition: Investigate @FBI and @DHSgov for surveillance of non-violent activists

5) via @ForceChange Stop Hiding Footage From Police Body Cameras

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 17, 2016

1) via @amnestyoz Demand the release of bloggers detained for tweeting

2) Tell Congress: Hands off my browser history!

3) The Clean Power Plan is under attack in court. Sign @NRDC's petition to protect America's clean energy future:

4) via @RainforestResq Keep coal power plants out of tiger country! 

5) Tell @EPA to ban toxic pesticide atrazine! #BanAtrazine

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 13, 2016

1) Punish Men Who Reportedly Threw Firecrackers at Chained Dogs

2) Puppy Thrown Into Store and Injured Deserves Justice

3) via @peoplefor & @PENamerican Tell Pres. candidates: denounce attacks on journalists and freedom of the press! 

4) via @peoplefor Tell the SEC to make corps disclose election spending! #WeThePeople #GetMoneyOut

5) Deaf and Blind Teen Cancer Patient Attacked by TSA Deserves Justice

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 10, 2016

1) Tell the @TheJusticeDept: Bring charges against #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile's killers

2) Justice for Philando Castile, yet another Black man murdered by police

3) Justice for Iraq War Veteran’s Therapy Dog Allegedly Shot by Neighbor

4) via @peoplefor House Republicans attacking #LGBT rights in wake of Orlando shooting - Speak out: #EqualityForAll

5) No logging in places critical for Tongass wildlife and wild salmon.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 08, 2016

1) via @PewEnvironment Some of our nation's most cherished public lands are at risk. Help protect them: #ConservationLegacy

2) Ask Congress to Protect Our Parks' Air, Water and Wildlife in This Year's Spending Bill!

3) Fight climate change. Tell @USDOT and @EPA to curb CO2 pollution from cars and trucks. Sign @NRDC's petition:

4) I just signed to tell my Rep to protect drinking water in U.S. communities. Join me and support the #WATERAct

5) Stop the Slaughter of Innocent Wildlife

6) Stop Clubbing Seal Pups to Death in Namibia

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 06, 2016

1) Find Criminal Who Left Razor-Filled Meatballs for Dog

2) Stop Killing Thirsty Coyotes

3) Justice for Dog Who Lost a Third of Skin After Being Dragged By Car

4) via @TakePart Take Action to End the Overuse of Solitary Confinement in Federal Prisons

5) via @CFSTrueFood Tell your Senators to stop the DARK Act and #LabelGMOs

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 05, 2016

1) via @CREDOmobile Sign the petition rejecting Paul Ryan's new healthcare plan:

2) Company Accused of Massacring Dozens of Dogs Must be Shut Down

3) via @RainforestResq Eni: stop trashing the rainforest for “green” fuel!

4) via @CREDOMobile Tell @POTUS: Oil train explosions can't continue. It's time to @banoiltrains:

5) I just took action for activists facing prison in Thailand. Join me?

Monday, July 4, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 04, 2016

1) via @USACEHQ Tell the US Army Corps of Engineers to revise its plan for managing water in the Southeast

2) via @ForceChange Justice for Turtle Crushed to Death With Hammer

3) Tell @forestservice: We say NO to mining sacred Native American Oak Flat in Arizona

4) Kittens Thrown Out in Plastic Bags to Die Deserve Justice

5) via @PETA Urge @ZooCBS to Stop Using Live Animals!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Petitions to Sign for July 03, 2016

1) via @TakePart Support Ric O’Barry’s Fight to End the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter

2) via @other98 Build the USA’s biggest coal terminal? Hell No!

3) via @CREDOMobile Tell the @EPA: Crack down on dirty fossil fuel pollution in our national parks.

4) via @CREDOMobile Tell @SenateMajLdr and @SpeakerRyan: "Thoughts and prayers" are not enough, we need #GunControlNow.

5) via @PewEnvironment Please take a moment to protect ocean wildlife and support sustainable swordfish:

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