Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 28, 2016

1) Stop Burning Rainforests for Greedy Corporation

2) Punish Company for Massive Leak of Hazardous Waste into Drinking Water Supply

3) Urge McDonald's to stop sourcing potatoes grown with harmful pesticides. Join @ToxicTaters National Week of Action! 

4) @FCC: The police need to #stopspying. Shut down #stingray surveillance now #colorofsurveillance

5) North Carolina police shouldn't be able to hide the footage of #KeithLamontScott's murder. Take action:

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 27, 2016

1) via @TakePart Tell the Mexican Government to Reject Mining in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve 

2) Jusice for Dog Found With Tail Cut Off

3) I told Congress to pass the #DISCLOSEAct to know who's spending $$ on elections. Join me and sign: #GetMoneyOut

4) Tell Congress: End tax loopholes for the wealthy and well connected. Sign the petition to Congress:

Friday, September 23, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 23, 2016


2) I stand with the Standing Rock Sioux. Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline! @POTUS #NoDAPL

3) via @TakePart Take Action Against the Rhino Horn Trade 

4) Demand justice after police shootings now! #KeithLamontScott #TerenceCrutcher

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Petitions for Sept 22, 2016

1) Stop Killing Endangered Wolves for Rancher Using Public Lands

2) via @freepress Tell North Dakota to drop the charges against Amy Goodman & other journalists reporting on #NoDAPL: 

3) Punish Teen Accused of Viciously Kicking Cat

4)  via @CREDOMobile Tell @SecBurwell #lgbtq parents should be able to foster and adopt in every state:

5) Tell Verizon, AT&T and CenturyLink: don’t delay action on blocking annoying robocalls.

Petitions to Sign for Sept 21, 2016

1) Halt Pipeline Project Approved Without Consulting Indigenous Communities

2) #TerenceCrutcher died for being Black. Indict Officer Betty Shelby. @moveon @colorofchange

3) Officer Betty Shelby was careless and took the life of #TerenceCrutcher, sign today to indict this officer

4) Tell @Facebook to stop censoring livestream broadcasts covering police brutality! #NoDAPL

5) Revoke License of Veterinarian Found Brutally Abusing Pets

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 20, 2016

1) via @CREDOMobile Tell @SenateMajLdr & @ChuckGrassley: Confirm judges now

2) Free blogger facing prison for playing Pok√©mon Go

3) Thousands of pregnant Walmart employees are being fired! Sign to protect them from this gross discrimination.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 19, 2016

1) Drop Charges Against Dakota Access Pipeline Journalist

2) via @TheWCS Help shut down domestic ivory markets worldwide. Send a comment to the U.S. delegation to CITES #96elephants 

3) via @CREDOMobile Sign the petition: Tell @CFPB @USOCC to hold @WellsFargo executives accountable @Ask_WellsFargo

4) Justice for Family Dog Gutted and Hung From Fence

5) Cat Thrown Against Wall and Killed Deserves Justice

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 18, 2016

1) via @moveon  Tell Congress: End Private Prison Tax Breaks!

2) Stop Imprisoning Child Refugees

3) Stop Lawsuits Against Schools for Protecting Transgender Kids

4) Tell Tel Aviv University to Stop Mistreating Animals in Its Labs

5) Protect the Greater Yellowstone grizzly -- Stop the delisting today!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 17, 2016

1) I signed to tell @POTUS #NoNewLeases of oil&gas on public lands & waters. Join me and sign: #KeepitintheGround

2) Many who have documented police violence against people of color have been harassed & detained. Take action:

3) Tell Congress: Give people the option to age at home! Don't let #MFP expire:

4) From land conversion to GHG emissions, #RFSBroken is bad for the environment. Tell @EPA to lower the #ethanol mandates:

5) via @moveon No Giant Bonuses for Scamming Wells Fargo Customers

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 16, 2016

1) Time is running out for bees. Tell @POTUS to seize this last, best chance to save them from collapse:

2) I just signed  @ForBetterBanks petition: Take Action Against Big Banks’ Predatory Sales Goals. Sign here:

3) Tell Congress: Stand up to Big Cable!

4) Stop Removing Dogs’ Hearts for Cruel Experiments

5) Demand Justice for Ill Pregnant Horse Allegedly Killed for Her Fetus

Petitions to Sign for Sept 15, 2016

1)  via @TakePart Tell Your Senators to Live Up to the Promise of Democracy: Support Three New Democracy Reforms

2) Repeal the Hyde Amendment

3) via @Change North Dakota State House: Impeach North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple and Morton County Sheriff Kyle

4) Keep the Arctic Refuge wild!

5) End Lead Contamination in Schools

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 13, 2016

1) via @rootstrikers Sign now: Stop #WallStreet vulture funds from hurting millions of Americans in #PuertoRico 

2) via @rootstrikers Sign the petition: Investigate Donald Trump for bribery

3) Hold Boy Accountable for Allegedly Stabbing Puppy With Pocketknife

4) Punish Teen Who Allegedly Punched Cat and Bragged About it on Facebook

5) They served their country with honor. Now the U.S. govt is deporting them. Take action to #BringThemHome :

Monday, September 12, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 12, 2016

1) Investigate Allegations That Trump University Bribed Public Officials

2) Dear @USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, stop subsidizing cruel and abusive practices in the dairy industry!

3) via @CREDOMobile Time to go on offense to defend abortion rights and pass the Women's Health Protection Act

4) Over 100,000 American horses face slaughter for horsemeat a year. Urge Congress to support SAFEAct now. #YES2SafeAct

5) via @nwlc I just told my Senators to stop standing in between women and justice and #DoYourJob:

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 11, 2016

1) Fire Police Officer with Apparent Nazi Tattoo

2) Prevent Workplace Discrimination Against LGBTQ Community

3) Man Who Bit Cat’s Head Should be Banned From Owning Animals

4) Investigate Allegations of Illegal Rainforest Fires by Palm Oil Company

5) Protect Great Barrier Reef from Dangerous Microbeads

Petitions to Sign for Sept 10, 2016

1) Punish Person Who Laced Meat Patties With Poison to Harm Dogs

2) via @WildlifeAction Save wild #publiclands our #wildlife depend on before it’s too late! #ThisLandIsOurLand

3) via @po_st Cut U.S. Oil Use by 12 Billion Barrels - The Rainforest Site 

4) Don’t clear-cut near salmon streams!

5) via @CleanAirMoms Tell @US_FDA: Toxic #Phthalates Don’t Belong in Our Food! #health

Friday, September 9, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 09, 2016

1) via @moveon Trump is unfit to lead our nation

2) via @moveon #StandWithStandingRock: Investigate private security guards who attacked w/ dogs #NoDAPL 

3) via @moveon @LesterHoltNBC Do better than @MLauer and fact check at the debates: #PresidentialDebate

4) Justice for Tortoise Set on Fire in Live Social Media Video

5) Cats Violently Beaten and Drowned Deserve Justice

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 08, 2016

1) Punish Woman Who Reportedly Laughed While Drowning Dog

2) End Japan’s Deadly Whaling

3) Add your name to tell leaders of 13 states to stop bullying #transgender students.

4)  via @nwlc I just told my Representative not to mess with the overtime rule:

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 07, 2016

1) Demand Mandatory Labeling of GMO Products

2) Stop Government-Sanctioned Killings of Millions of Wild Animals

3)  via @TakePart Tell Congress: Ban the Trade of Shark Fins in the U.S.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 05, 2016

1)  via @peoplefor Support the Women's Health Protection Act

2) via @moveonTell #Congress: Pass legislation to rein in drug price-gouging: #epipen #insulin #BigPharma #ep

3) Tell Obama: Keep Tar Sands Oil Off Our Rivers, Oceans

4) via @CREDOMobile Tell Congress to oppose @RepSchrader's bill to deny Americans overtime pay

5) Save Bees From Highly Toxic Pesticides

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 04, 2016

1)  via @moveon @POTUS: Save the #GrandCanyon from toxic uranium mining: 

2) via @AFLCIO Tell university administrators to stop their anti-union campaign #1u #GradUnion  

3) Urge NIH to Address the Ethical Concerns of Experimenting on Monkeys!

4) URGENT: Stop this petrochemical giant's immoral land grab

Friday, September 2, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 03, 2016

1) via @moveon McDonalds and Walmart: Pay your employees a decent wage

2) Justice for Family Dog Killed in Political Attack

3) Stop the torture of kids in youth detention. Please stand with the #DonDaleKids

4) via @CREDOMobile Tell @USTreasury to investigate Big Pharma tax-dodging by @GileadSciences

5) via @CREDOMobile   @DHSgov: End ICE contracts with private prisons. #EndPrivatePrisons #CutTheContracts

Petitions to Sign for September 02, 2016

1) @Samsung: Pay compensation for 76 workers who died in your factories because you put profit ahead of their lives

2) Stop Wasting $165 Billion of Food Every Year

3) Save the Missouri River Food Web by Halting the Dakota Access Pipeline - The Rainforest Site

4) Tell @US_FDA and @USCPSC to protect families from toxic phthalate chemicals. Sign @NRDC's petition:

5) via @moveon Oppose New Gas Pipeline at Indian Point Nuclear Plant

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Sept 01, 2016

1) #Mylan is the symptom. Pharma monopolies are the disease. Tell Obama and the FDA to strip Mylan's #EpiPen monopoly:
2) Beatings, starvation, horrific overcrowding. End the horror in #Syria’s torture prisons:

3) Punish Police for Ignoring Gruesome Animal Torture

4) Stop Shooting and Killing Black Bears

5) Stop Serving Frogs to Be Eaten Alive

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