Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nov 30, 2008 -- Fight the Right-Wing Wackos Links of the Day.

** Union of Concerned Scientists **

We need to build a clean energy future that will break our dependence on oil, create millions of new jobs, and cut global warming pollution. President-elect Barack Obama has pledged to make clean energy one of his top priorities. But we know from experience that real change doesn’t just happen and we cannot underestimate the power of the oil and coal industries and the legislators who support them.

Please urge the new president to propose a plan in the first 100 days of his administration that will Repower, Refuel, and Rebuild America. UCS will also deliver this petition to your members of Congress.

( )


** National Campaign for Fair Elections **

The 2008 election brought more voters to the polls than ever before. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of eligible Americans were prevented from casting a ballot because of problems with the registration system. Election administration sometimes buckled under the strain of increased registration activities.

Our current voter registration system is to blame for this. Rules that vary wildly by state and limited resources make it difficult, confusing, and sometimes impossible for eligible voters to register and stay registered to vote.

Tell Congress and President-elect Obama we need automatic, permanent registration NOW, to ensure that every eligible American voter is able to cast a meaningful ballot.

( )

FYI for Nov 30, 2008: Exposing the Lies of the Right-Wing Wackos

** Media Matters **

Because they are clueless fucks as to why Intelligent People refuse to watch their so-called "News", Faux News repeatedly echoes only opponents of Employee Free Choice Act


Clueless shills @ MSNBC hosts appearance of small time radio whore Mark Williams, who again smears progressives.


Wash. Times' resident ignorant whore Donald Lambro repeats false claim that some people benefiting from Obama tax cuts don't pay taxes.


In TV appearances and columns, DICKhead Morris repeatedly promotes group without disclosing apparent financial relationship.


MSNBC's Brzezinski falsely asserted (lied out of his fat ass) "the average Big Three automaker union worker's compensation is $73/hour".

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

FYI for Nov 26, 2008: Exposing the Lies of the Right-Wing Wackos

** Media Matters **

Conservative media react to talk of Obama-led economic recovery by attacking FDR and New Deal.
During the November 23 edition of ABC's This Week, Washington Post columnist George Will asked, "Before we go into a new New Deal, can we just acknowledge that the first New Deal didn't work?".

Small time radio "host"/right-wing whore Lars Larson rewrote history to dispute Media Matters item documenting his falsehood on autoworker pay.


Ignoring Minnesota's repuke Sen. Norm Coleman's ballot challenges, right-wing bitch Sean Hannity claimed Franken is challenging ballots in MN to "litigate his way into the Senate seat"


Responding to Media Matters, DICKhead Morris acknowledged "pushing very, very hard" for GOP group that pays him to run ads.


MSNBC's Morning Joe co-whore Joe Scarborough again baselessly claimed Al Franken can "steal" votes in Minnesota Senate race.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

FYI for Nov 25, 2008: Exposing the Lies of the Right-Wing Wackos

** Media Matters **

Michael "The Whiner" Savage on America: "We're probably 50 leagues below the degeneracy that brought about Hitler".

( Fight the Right-Wing Wackos: Yes, and now that Bush and his Lemmings are out, the only thing we have to do is remove un-Patriotic flacks such as Michael Savage... )


Because losing sucks for those bitches, Faux News' whore Bret Baier touted ballot challenge by "dogged" Franken campaign, ignored similar ballot challenges by Coleman campaign.


Because he had his head up his ass the last 8 years, Right-wing whore Sean Hannity baselessly blamed Democrats, CRA for financial crisis.


Because lying is easier then getting facts, misinformation about autoworkers' hourly compensation resurfaces on MSNBC's Hardball.


Politico article on Obama's recent church attendance ignored Bush's sporadic attendance as president.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

FYI for Nov 23, 2008: Exposing the Lies of the Right-Wing Wackos

** Media Matters **

Media figures falsely assert or suggest autoworkers make $70/hour without noting figure includes benefits paid to current retirees.
As Congress debates whether to authorize a multibillion-dollar bailout of the U.S. automotive industry, several media outlets, notably New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin, nationally syndicated radio host Lars Larson, and MSNBC's Chris Matthews, have used data that combines the average cost of current wages and benefits and future benefits to falsely assert or suggest that autoworkers make $70 or more per hour. But, as analysts and some media outlets have noted, the figure includes not only future retirement benefits for current workers, but also benefits paid to current retirees. Further, the "Big Three" U.S. automobile makers negotiated with the United Auto Workers (UAW) in 2007 to significantly reduce the salary and benefits packages for certain new employees, a fact that Larson and Matthews did not note.

NY Daily News' Michael Goodwin falsely suggested Bill Clinton has not disclosed his speaking fees.


Attacking Media Matters, Bitch O'Reilly falsely claimed he said "Coleman's victory was certified by the state ... which is absolutely true" -- but it's not.


Right-wing wacko Media Research Center's Robert Knight reportedly said efforts to lift ban on gays and lesbians in military will result in a "Pearl Harbor moment".

( Fight the Right-Wing Wackos: I wonder where right-wing whore Knight gets his knowledge of military life since this Repulsive Republican Pig, like other repukes, has NEVER served in the military? )


The War Room co-whore Jim Quinn claims Mexicans will use subsidized Viagra to "father the next generation of illegals" in effort to "reconquer the Southwest".


Closet case Matt Drudge falsely suggests that paper reported that Obama inaugural "could bankrupt" D.C.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nov 20, 2008 -- Fight the Right-Wing Wackos Links of the Day.

** EarthWorks **

On its way out of office, the Bush Administration is attempting to rollback several environmental regulations.

The Office of Surface Management intends to repeal the Stream Buffer Zone rule, which prevents mining within 100 feet of a stream. Without the Stream Buffer Zone rule, surface coal mining and mountaintop removal activities will overrun water sources with mining waste and debris, called valley fills.

The Stream Buffer Zone rule has been in effect since 1983. Rolling it back now goes against the wishes of those most directly impacted by the practice. A poll of West Virginians, conducted by Lake Research Partners and Bellwether Research shows those most likely affected by the rule change overwhelmingly support the environmental protections the Bush Administration is trying to undo.

The final comment period on the rule change ends November 23. You can send a letter to Dennis G. Rice at the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement and let him know that you oppose rolling back important environmental protections like the Stream Buffer Zone rule.

( )


** League of Conservation Voters **

After years of inaction from the Bush Administration, we finally have an opportunity to break our addiction to oil and work for a clean energy future. That is why LCV launched a petition to send to President-elect Obama to ask him to support critical energy priorities in his first 100 days.

Sign the petition today!

FYI for Nov 20, 2008: Exposing the Lies of the Right-Wing Wackos

** Media Matters **

Because lying is what he does best, right-wing whore Bitch O'Reilly falsely claimed Sen. Norm Coleman "was certified the winner" in MN Senate race.


Right-wing whore Michael "The Whiner" Savage: "[T]here's gonna be a wholesale firing of competent white men in the United States government"

(Fight the Right-Wing Wackos: I can't think of ONE competent white guy in The Monkey King's government... Can you?)


Another reason why decent people ignore Faux News as Faux News' Napolitano advanced Communist smear against MN Sec. of State Mark Ritchie.


The War Room co-whore Jim Quinn trivializes same-sex marriage effort, claiming: "[G]ays never wanted to get married until ... about five years ago".


ABC's Matt Jaffe uncritically reported Cardinal Stafford's false claims about Obama and abortion.

(Fight the Right-Wing Wackos: Isn't there something in that Bible thing about not lying and all that?)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nov 19, 2008 -- Fight the Right-Wing Wackos Links of the Day.

** Food and Water Watch **
The Food and Drug Administration recently released its draft plan for approving animals that are genetically engineered to grow faster, produce more milk, or even produce drugs in their tissues. To make matters worse, the FDA is not requiring that food from GE animals be labeled, so consumers won’t know if the food they buy for their families was produced with this controversial technology.

Tell FDA to ban the use of genetically engineered animals for food.


** Environmental Defense Fund **
One of the first, defining decisions facing President-elect Obama's Environmental Protection Agency is whether to heed the Supreme Court and regulate global warming pollution under the Clean Air Act.

We have an opportunity right now to shape that decision.

Send an email to the EPA today supporting strong action under existing law to protect human health by reducing global warming pollution.


** The Wilderness Society **
In northwest Colorado, you'll find a place with stunning scenic vistas—all of which are at risk of being tainted by noxious air pollution.

At the crossroads of the Green and Yampa Rivers, Little Snake Resource Area is a sweeping landscape of canyon lands and blooming perennial streams, flanked by the stirring backdrops of Mount Zirkel Wilderness and Dinosaur National Monument.

The air here is fresh and clean. But, the Little Snake and surrounding communities could soon be exposed to harmful air pollution due to increasing pressure for oil and gas development.

At the instruction of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of Land Management has already conducted an air quality assessment of proposed energy development in the region, but the BLM's study fell short. It lacked the depth needed to truly analyze the extent of potential pollution in the area.

Little Snake needs you to speak out. Ensure that northwest Colorado's air quality and scenic views remain pristine for generations to come. Encourage the BLM to do a more in-depth air quality impact analysis now.

FYI for Nov 19, 2008: Exposing the Lies of the Right-Wing Wackos

** Media Matters **

Offering no proof and spewing paranoia, MSNBC right-wing whore Michelle Bernard: Hillary Clinton "will run a parallel government" if named secretary of state.
Discussing the possibility of Sen. Hillary Clinton becoming the secretary of state in President-elect Barack Obama's administration on the November 14 edition of MSNBC's Hardball, MSNBC political analyst Michelle Bernard asserted: "If she's secretary of state, she will run a parallel government. It will be a huge problem." Additionally, Jennifer Donahue, political director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, asked: "Will she [Clinton] be laying out the groundwork should Obama have only one term? Will she be, in fact, trying to create only one term for Barack Obama?"

Faux News right-wing whore Sean Hannity, insignificant radio whore Hugh Hewitt revive bogus "Obama recession" claim.

(Fight the Right-Wing Wackos: What morons... These fools have NO IDEA that President Elect is NOT the President just yet. Put the blame where it belongs --> Monkey King Bush!)


Hypocrite right-wing whore Chris Matthews lauded "experience" of Bush's Cabinet picks in 2001, but says Obama's selection of prior administration vets is "crap"


For second day in a row, NY Times falsely suggested Bill Clinton refuses to disclose source of speaking fees.


Because being ignorant is what he does best, small time radio bitch Bill O'Reilly suggested that without Prop 8, "a man can have 27 wives"; CA Supreme Court disagrees.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nov 17, 2008 -- Fight the Right-Wing Wackos Links of the Day.

** NRDC Action **
The Bush Administration is determined to ram through a new wolf-killing plan before leaving office. This dangerous scheme could allow the Northern Rockies states to kill nearly 1,000 gray wolves in the first year alone.

Please submit an Official Citizen Comment telling the Interior Department to maintain strong federal protection for wolves.


** Earth Justice **
Following its recent failed attempt to remove the wolves from the endangered species list, the administration's Fish and Wildlife Service has issued a proposal allowing Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana to kill nearly 1,000 wolves -- at a time when the wolf population is already declining.

Please tell the Fish and Wildlife Service to keep the northern Rockies gray wolves on the endangered species list.


** Food and Water Watch **
For the last three years, the USDA has been trying to open the border to Canadian cattle over the age of thirty months. This is significant because older cattle (those over thirty months of age) are considered to be at higher risk for having Mad Cow Disease and therefore pose a greater risk if they enter the food supply. Canada has had 13 cases of Mad Cow Disease, the most recent of which was discovered in June.

Tell USDA to put public health before meat industry profits and not to open the border to older Canadian cattle.


** Center for Biological Diversity **
The Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge, located on 14,097 acres in southwestern Kern County, California, is a crucial wildlife linkage in the southern San Joaquin Valley. Purchased to protect declining California condor foraging and roosting habitat in 1985, the refuge is the place where the last wild female condor was trapped in 1986. It's now an integral part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's condor recovery activities, and supports condor reintroduction, foraging, and roosting opportunities. In addition to the condor, the refuge protects grasslands, oak woodlands, chaparral, pinyon/juniper/oak woodlands, and riparian and wetland habitats. These diverse communities in turn support numerous rare species, including the endangered San Joaquin kit fox, blunt-nosed leopard lizard, and giant kangaroo rat. Western spadefoot toad, western horned lizards, and the tricolored blackbird also call the refuge home.

While cattle have had unrestricted grazing on the refuge in the past, the Fish and Wildlife Service has recognized that an alteration in the grazing regime would benefit the 9,400 acres of grassland habitat and provide healthier habitat for the recovering condor population. The agency recently proposed a restoration program to enhance the ecological values of the site and includes a modified grazing schedule based on ecological principles to limit grazing during critical times for native plant establishment, especially native grasses.

This important step forward in refuge management is key to maintaining ecologically diverse and functioning habitats for condors. But the current grazing lessee opposes the change in grazing management, and significant efforts have been made to oppose these changes by cattle operators and local elected officials. Your help is needed.

Please send a letter of support for the grassland restoration project and limiting grazing. The Bitter Creek Wildlife Refuge was expressly created for condors, not for cows.

FYI for Nov 17 2008: Exposing the Ignorance and Hypocrisy of the Right-Wing Wackos

** Media Matters **
Gingrich: "[T]here is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us".
On the November 14 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, in reference to actions by individual protesters of Proposition 8, the recently passed California ballot initiative amending the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage, Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich stated: "I think there is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us, is prepared to use violence, to use harassment. I think it is prepared to use the government if it can get control of it. I think that it is a very dangerous threat to anybody who believes in traditional religion." Gingrich also stated: "[W]hen the radicals lost the vote in California, they are determined to impose their will on this country no matter what the popular opinion, no matter what the law of the land."
(Fight the Right-Wing Wackos: Like three time marriage loser has ANYTHING good to say about marriage!)


Michael "The Whiner" Savage: Most "Ph.D. experts on children are either gay or crazy ... if they were married, they either tried to kill their wife or were in rehab".


Faux News' right-wing whore Fred Barnes latest media figure to reference discredited Minnesota car ballot story.


Convicted drug addict and Viagra abuse Fats Limpballs's guest host is latest radio host to compare current policies or proposals to slavery.


Right-wing whore Newt Gingrich falsely touted GOP governors of Utah and Indiana for "lowest unemployment rates in their respective regions".

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nov 14, 2008 -- Fight the Right-Wing Wackos Links of the Day.

** Greenpeace **
After 8 years of the Bush Administration ignoring global warming, we don't have much time left to act. While President-elect Obama intends to roll back several of Bush's worst policies, we can't wait for January before taking action. We have one last chance to get the Bush administration to do something good for the planet.

The EPA is considering whether or not greenhouse gases represent a danger to public health and welfare. If the agency were to determine that greenhouse gases do in fact endanger the public, it would be required to take a number of regulatory actions.

Take action now >> Write to the EPA and tell them you support bold action on global warming!


** United Farm Workers **
We expect the Bush administration’s Department of Labor to shortly announce new guestworker (H2A) regulations. These regulations, if adopted, will gut existing protections for both domestic and foreign farmworkers and represent a huge step backwards in protecting the hardworking people who put the food on our table.

The regulations will lower farmworker wages, make it easier for local workers to be discriminated against in hiring, and harder for farm workers to obtain decent housing (click here to see a four-page analysis of the regulations).

Numerous recent media reports document how the Bush Administration is making a last minute push to get these and other horrible regulations our before he leaves office.

Please join us in telling the Department of Labor’s Assistant Secretary for Policy, Leon R. Sequeira not to issue these revised regulations. The American people spoke loudly on November 4th and said they had enough with the Bush Administration's anti-worker, anti-immigrant policies. Tell the Department of Labor to allow Congress and the next administration to address these issues.


** The Wilderness Society **
The federal Bureau of Land Management has just proposed opening thousands of acres of forests in western Oregon to logging. It's a handoff to the timber industry, a huge loss to endangered species, and to the American public.

But there's still time to object! Your voice is absolutely critical in showing that the public cares about what happens to these forests. The BLM needs to know that Americans will not stand for degrading our streams and rivers, or the sale of some of our last ancient forests to the timber industry.

Tell the Bush Administration that destroying Oregon's coastal forests is unacceptable!


** Credo Action **

Next week, Senate Democrats will vote on whether Joe Lieberman should continue to chair the powerful Committee on Homeland Security. Our friends at Credo Action have launched a campaign to ensure that Lieberman gets the boot.

Sen. Joe Lieberman supported the war in Iraq from the beginning, and he has continued to support it in the face of its tremendous failure, in the face of evidence that we were misled into war, in the face of increased security threats resulting from that war, even in the face of troops from his home state of Connecticut respectfully asking him to take action to bring them home. Lieberman has used his chairmanship not to improve our homeland security, but to keep our nation mired in pointless, endless war.

Committee chairmanships are positions of immense power. They should go to responsible leaders who will use those positions to serve the American people and protect the Constitution.

Lieberman has also undermined our security on the domestic front by supporting President Bush in subverting the Constitution. The Bush plan for spying on Americans without a warrant and the rules on torturing prisoners both could have been challenged by Lieberman's Homeland Security Committee, but his only move was to be a cheerleader for those plans.

Click here to tell your Senator to do the right thing: Vote to strip Senator Lieberman of his chairmanship.

Dear Sarah Palin: Sit down, Shut Up!

** Petition On-Line **

To: Governor Sarah Palin
Dear Governor Palin,

We the undersigned implore you to remain in Alaska (where your national security credentials are required to repel a Soviet invasion) and stop giving media interviews and press conferences.

Maybe you missed what was going outside your small circle of adoring fans but you and your team were soundly defeated in the 2008 election. Sensible citizens rejected your fear mongering, divisiveness, guilt by association and rambling incoherence in favor of an articulate leader whose vision has brought millions of people together from all walks of life.

Governor Palin, you had your 15 minutes of fame, and now they’re thankfully over. America has far more important things to do than listen to you right now. If, in the future, the war against terror or another political, economic, social or environmental meltdown demands the best mooseburger recipe, rest assured we will call you at 3:00 am (EST).

Until then, however, the best way to serve this nation you love so well is to just shut up. Enough already.


The Undersigned
To sign this petition, please click here -->

Lieberman must GO!

** Brave New Films **

Lieberman has proven he cannot be trusted to hold a high rank within the Democratic caucus. That is why we launched Lieberman Must Go last summer, a campaign that caught Congress' attention when we delivered a petition with over 43,000 signatures. Now, we ask you to help us escalate the pressure by CALLING members of the Senate Democratic Steering Committee.

Tell them to strip Lieberman of his chairmanship in the Democratic caucus.

FYI for Nov 14, 2008: Exposing the Lies and Stupidity of the Right-Wing Wackos

** Media Matters **

Convicted felon G. Gordon Liddy advises listeners: "[N]o matter what law they pass, do not -- repeat, not -- ever register any of your firearms".
On the November 13 edition of his nationally syndicated radio program, G. Gordon Liddy repeatedly advised people not to register their firearms, saying: "The first thing you do is, no matter what law they pass, do not -- repeat, not -- ever register any of your firearms." Liddy added: "Because that's where they get the list of where to go first to confiscate. So, you don't ever register a firearm, anywhere."
How nice, a convicted criminal telling his lemmings to break laws?

Right-wing whore Michael "The Whiner" Savage asked why Obama visited grandmother "who suddenly and suspiciously died virtually before the night of the election".
During the November 10 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Michael Savage said that President-elect Barack Obama's late grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, "suspiciously died virtually the night before the election." Savage made the remark while again reviving discredited rumors about Obama's birth certificate and questioning why Obama went to visit his grandmother in Hawaii shortly before her death on November 3.

Conservative radio hosts, still crying over their defeat across the nation, accuse Dems of "trying to steal" MN Senate election -- but there's no evidence, according to GOP governor.


Dennis Miller: "[W]omen on the left hate" Palin "because to me ... it appears that she has a great sex life".


On Today, NBC's Lee Cowan repeated as fact discredited rumors about ballots in Franken-Coleman race.

NO on Prop 8 Protest TOMORROW! Check YOUR State NOW!

** Join the IMPACT **

Thank you for standing up for equal rights by pledging to work to repeal Prop. 8. Tomorrow morning, thousands of people, gay and straight, will rally for marriage equality. Can you join us?

And spread the word! Much of this organizing has happened through Facebook and other channels that your friends may not be tuned into.

California residents check here!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stop Religious Extremists behind Prop 8

** Courage Campaign **

"Anti-family rioting."

That is how the religious extremists behind Prop 8 are characterizing the protests that have spread across California in the aftermath of Tuesday's passage of the ballot measure that eliminated the right of same-sex couples to marry.

I was at the heart of one of these amazing marches in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. And it was anything but "anti-family rioting."

It was history in the making -- thousands of passionate Americans spontaneously speaking out against enshrining discrimination into the California state constitution.

We are witnessing the birth of a new Marriage Equality Movement -- the civil rights movement of the 21st Century. Organized from the bottom-up by thousands of ordinary people just like you in the last 48 hours, this people-powered phenomenon is exponentially growing by the minute, online and offline.

You are at ground zero in this movement. And we need to take it to the next level -- a new initiative campaign to repeal Prop 8 and restore marriage equality to California. Please pledge your support now to repeal Prop 8 -- then forward this message to your friends:


** CREDO Action **
On Election Night, progressive Californians had a lot to be thankful for and a lot to be proud of - but we also lost a hugely important fight: the fight to defeat Prop. 8.

Prop. 8 is a stinging blow to every person who believes in equal rights - we're angry, we're frustrated, and we're upset. We feel betrayed by our fellow Californians. An overwhelming majority of California voters (6,313,674) cast a ballot to mandate better treatment for farm animals. Only a minority of California voters (4,932,086) stood up for equal marriage rights. That hurts.

But we don't have to accept defeat. We can start taking action to fight Prop. 8, and eventually to repeal it all together.

Sign this pledge today to join the fight. At stake is nothing less than the foundation of our democracy: equal rights under the law

** Mormons Stole Our Rights **

No Tax Exemption for Political "Churches"

Sign this petition to support the legal effort to amend our tax laws such that the Mormon Church, and other transgressing churches, would lose tax-exempt status if they continue lobbying for state propositions.

We intend to share this list with the ACLU, Lambda Legal, and other official legal organizations that will be pressing forward with this effort. Anyone can sign this petition.

Nov 12, 2008 -- Fight the Right-Wing Wackos Links of the Day.

** The Wilderness Society **

The Senate is poised to return to work in mid-November to take up a sweeping public lands conservation measure. The Omnibus Public Lands Management Act would designate nearly two million acres of wilderness in eight states, protect hundreds of miles of river, and create a new 26-million-acre national conservation system.

Please take action now: If the Senate does not pass this bill now, there is no guarantee it will be taken up in the next Congress.


** The People's E-mail Network **

According to Seymour Hersh there is a conga line of insiders waiting until January 20th to spill the beans on the gross criminality of the Bush/Cheney administration. Waiting . . . because if they did it now the two of them would be tarred and feathered on the way out the door.

But we the people do not have to wait. We can and must demand the immediate impeachment of both Bush and Cheney for what is already known. At the very least the defiance of congressional subpoenas at the behest of the White House is an open and shut case for accountability now.

Because as his final constitutional insult, his final spit in the face to the American people and all rule of law, it is transparently obvious that Bush is planning the most wholesale and wrongful pardon of the worst political criminals in American history, his whole criminal gang, INCLUDING himself.

And don't think that is not their precise plan. Please, what power has Bush NOT abused? What heinous, self-serving, shameless and dishonest act has he ever shied away from, when he was torturing and eavesdropping and lying us into wars of corporate aggression. Does anyone doubt that is what he is planning on doing?

And when you submit this action page, you will have one last chance to get one of the "Impeach Both!!!" caps, which after January 20th will no longer be available from us for love or for money.

Impeach Now Action Page:


** Natural Resources Defense Council **

Right now, Chilean government officials are under pressure to approve the environmental impact assessment ("EIA") for the plan to construct five dams on two of the most beautiful wild rivers there: the Rio Baker and Rio Pascua. If built, the dams would flood thousands of acres of critical habitat for wildlife, including the endangered South American huemul. They would also require the construction of one of the world's longest transmission lines, which would run 1,400 miles through protected natural areas and ancient forests. Yet the EIA totally ignores the risks and impacts of the transmission line. The EIA for these destructive dams also fails to take into account the danger of glacial lake flooding and the availability of energy alternatives. Several technical agencies in Chile have already said that the EIA is insufficient.

Please take action at this critical moment in our campaign and tell Chilean government officials to reject the EIA for the proposed dams in Patagonia.


** The Wilderness Society **

Last year, despite more than ten years of scientific study that shows snowmobile use harms wildlife and air quality, and shatters the solitude of Yellowstone, the Bush administration decided to propose a plan that would have grown back the number of noisy, polluting snowmobiles even past what Yellowstone has seen on average during the past five winters.

We took the Administration to court and won. A federal court found the Interior Department negligent in its duty to be good stewards by allowing increased air pollution, impacts to wildlife, too much noise, and most importantly, not abiding by its mandate to conserve the park unimpaired for future generations. The Bush plan was ruled illegal.

This is great news, but the struggle isn't over yet. Yellowstone needs you to tell the Park Service to follow the court's ruling.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

FYI for Nov 11, 2008: Exposing the Lies and Stupidity of the Right-Wing Wackos

** Media Matters **
Delusional media right-wing wackos claim America is "center-right," but political scientists challenge reliance on voter self-identification.
But political scientists dispute the reliability of voters' identification with political ideologies, saying that those who do not regularly follow political discourse often lack an understanding of what constitutes "conservative" and "liberal" principles and policies. Moreover, notwithstanding the findings in exit polling of voter self-identification, a post-election poll by Democracy Corps found that a strong majority favored the more progressive position on a number of issues.

Bitter Bitch Bill O'Reilly falsely accused ACLU of remaining silent on government check of Wurzelbacher's records.
In fact, as the News Hounds website noted in response to O'Reilly's comments, Christine Link, executive director of the ACLU of Ohio, the state affiliate of the national organization, posted an October 31 letter in the Cleveland Plain Dealer's online forum, stating that she "was deeply disturbed to hear that state officials approved the use of government databases to obtain information about Joseph Wurzelbacher. ... It is appalling that government officials believe they may access a person's private information simply for being in a newspaper headline."

Responding to Media Matters item, The War Room co-whore Jim Quinn defended comparison of welfare recipients to slaves.


Because being ignorant whores is what they do @ The View: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd suggest clergy could have been jailed without Prop 8.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Nov 07, 2008 -- Fight the Right-Wing Wackos Links of the Day.

** Fire Dog Lake **

To: Members of the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee

Dear Senators,

Two years ago, Democrats in Joe Lieberman's own state voted for change in Connecticut's U.S. Senate primary against Ned Lamont.

Despite pledges to caucus with the party and refrain from attacking our presidential nominee, Senator Lieberman has consistently threatened to leave our ranks and even attacked Barack Obama as keynote speaker during Republican Convention.

Earlier this week, he even campaigned against a "filibuster-proof Democratic majority." Make no mistake about it, when graciously offered a chance to remain in the caucus at the expense of his chairmanship, he offered more threats in a nationally televised press conference.

The decision is now up to you. Please do not allow Joe Lieberman to go around Senator Reid and remain chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Though Lieberman has not investigated one meaningful scandal in his role as chairman during the Bush Administration, we are certain he will only be too happy to cause problems for an Obama administration when 2009 rolls around.

It's time for Joe to go.

Please sign the letter to the 19 Senators on the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee who determine committee chairs -- and ask them to relieve Joe Lieberman of his gavel before the start of the next Congress.


** Oceana **

While you may think of the Bahamas as a place of great natural beauty, believe it or not, it is perfectly legal there to kill every species of sea turtle except the hawksbill. Since turtles are highly migratory, what happens in the Bahamas affects turtle populations in the U.S. We need your help today to get the Bahamian government to end the killing of sea turtles.

Please use the form to contact Michael Braynen, the Director of the Bahamas' Department of Marine Resources, and tell him to take action to protect sea turtles. Tell the Bahamas to Stop Killing Sea Turtles.


** Earth Justice **

During his first term as president, Obama will have the opportunity to adopt many more of these energy efficiency standards for appliances such as refrigerators, clothes washers, air conditioners and water heaters. The savings for consumers and businesses is staggering, and the potential for these new standards to help jumpstart a new energy economy is limitless. Now is the time to be proactive. Tell President-elect Obama and all our government officials that energy efficiency is the fastest, cheapest, cleanest energy source. Let's get started today!

Tell the Department of Energy: Prioritize Energy Efficiency!

FYI for Nov 07, 2008: Exposing the Lies and Stupidity of the Right-Wing Wackos

** Media Matters **

DICKhead Morris, bitch Sean Hannity, convicted drug addict and Viagra abuser Fats Limpballs implicate Obama in stock-market decline -- analysts disagree
On November 6, Faux News contributor and syndicated columnist Dick Morris, Faux News host Sean Hannity, and nationally syndicated radio host Fats Limpballs asserted that President-elect Barack Obama is to blame for the decline of the stock market following the November 4 presidential election. Several analysts, however, disagree -- including some who appeared on Fox News or Fox Business Network.
And let's not forget, that President-Elect Obama is NOT IN CHARGE YET you morons!


Suck-up Bitch Brent Bozell said Obama "ran as a Reaganite" and "a fiscal conservative" -- less than two weeks after claiming Obama was espousing "socialism".


Ignorant of Facts, whore Jim Quinn opens his fat mouth and spews out: "Gay sex produces AIDS"; "They should charge homosexuals more for their ... health insurance".


Quinn stated that unlike welfare recipients, slaves "had to work" for food, housing.


On right-wing whore Bob Grant's radio show, right-wing bitch Ann Coulter suggests Obama's "civilian national security force" will lead to "a lot more Waco raids".

I suggest we start with ALL un-American whores such as Coulter...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nov 05, 2008 -- Fight the Right-Wing Wackos Links of the Day.

** The Wilderness Society **

The pressures of growth and development in California are spilling over into the Tahoe National Forest. The quest for more horsepower and speed has led to an explosion of dirt bikes, jeeps and all-terrain vehicles in the Tahoe. The peace of the forest will be gone for those of us who prefer quiet forms of recreation like hiking, camping, fishing and horseback riding. If the Forest Service does not apply a firm hand to control the use of these vehicles, the quiet, pristine forest we value could disappear.

Please join with us in telling the Forest Service to strike a more balanced policy about off-roading in this spectacular forest.


** Earth Justice **

Have you heard of perchlorate?

It's a by-product from the manufacture of rocket fuel, ammunition, and flares, and it could be in your drinking water.

Perchlorate can affect the thyroid by altering the production of hormones in the body. Most at risk: fetuses, babies, and young children. Pregnant women and people with pre-existing thyroid conditions are also at risk.

Perchlorate has been found in the drinking water of 28 states. It has also been detected in foods, such as baby food, milk, lettuce, and other agricultural products, which means the contamination has spread throughout the U.S. population.

Despite the health threat, the Environmental Protection Agency has announced a rule that it would not set limits for perchlorate or require clean-up of drinking water systems.

The Defense Department and the aerospace industry are busy working to get this rule finalized before the Bush administration leaves town.

We can't let that happen.

Please take action: Tell the EPA to protect the health of millions of American families and set enforceable limits for perchlorate in our drinking water.

FYI for Nov 05, 2008: Exposing the Lies and Stupidity of the Right-Wing Wackos

** Media Matters **

In a failed attempt to disenfranchise voters Faux News aired graphics featuring inaccurate poll-closing times.
During their Election Day coverage, Fox News repeatedly aired graphics that purported to show "POLL CLOSINGS" in Eastern Standard Time for each state. But in states that cross time zones, the times listed in the graphics reflected the western-most time zone in the state, in which polls close an hour later than the rest of the state. Thus, people watching Fox News in the eastern portion of some states could be left with the impression that local polls would be open for an hour after they actually close.

Convicted felon G. Gordon Liddy opens his fat mouth and states on his small time radio program: Obama concentration camp will serve "ham hocks and turnip greens".

Let's start with convicted criminals like Liddy, drug addict Limpballs, and Alaska Senator Stevens.


'08 SHOCK: Drudge still smearing, distorting quotes, and touting fake allegations.


MSNBC continually airs graphic featuring inaccurate poll closing times for multiple states.


Discussing death of Obama's grandmother, Savage continued to promote discredited birth-certificate rumors.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nov 01, 2008 -- Fight the Right-Wing Wackos Links of the Day.

** Jobs with Justice **
Since old and senile John McCain denounced ACORN during the last presidential debate and FOX News began accusing them of criminal activity hundreds – HUNDREDS – of times, ACORN staffers have received death threats in Ohio and Rhode Island. Offices in Washington and Massachusetts have been vandalized. Numerous threatening and racist phone calls have been made to ACORN offices across the country. This, when just two years ago John McCain himself stood in solidarity with ACORN, saying of ACORN's members, "they are what makes America special."

McCain's attacks have to stop. They are wrong. These vicious attacks against ACORN threaten the work that ALL community organizations do, and the results for the hundreds of thousands of people that organizations like ours work with will be disastrous. We will have to suffer the consequences - to ACORN, to the communities in which we work, to our democracy - long after the election is over.

It will take millions of people to shut down the assault and stop the lies. Our friends at Brave New films have made a fantastic video about ACORN, debunking the outrageous lies and more to help.

Please take a moment and add your name to our open letter to the McCain campaign, asking him to just stop. See the letter, and then add your name by completing the form. THANK YOU.


** Food and Water Watch **
The US Department of Agriculture is considering a petition to allow genetically engineered papaya trees to be commercially grown and sold in Florida. This would be the first time this genetically engineered crop would be grown commercially in the mainland United States. If the agency approves this petition, it would remove all regulatory oversight of this type of genetically engineered tree.

Tell the USDA that consumers don’t want Genetically Engineered papayas!


** Credo Action **
Here at CREDO, we're paying close attention to potential voter suppression issues that could affect voters around the country. Today, we're writing to let you know about a problem in New Mexico that could lead to voters being disenfranchised.

The problem: Private investigators have been showing up at the doors of poor and Latino voters - asking them intimidating questions, insinuating that they don't have the right to vote.

Who's affected: New Mexican voters in good standing who have every right to go vote on Election Day - but who may not show up at the polls if they've been frightened in their own homes.

The solution:

1. E-mail Attorney General Mukasey - the Department of Justice is charged with stopping voter suppression and protecting every American's right to vote. A spokesman for the DOJ's civil rights division has said that they are "looking into" this problem, but that's not good enough. We need a serious investigation worthy of these insidious tactics.

2. Pass this site on to every New Mexico voter you know - with only days left till the election, we need to make sure that as many New Mexico voters as possible are educated about this problem so that if intimidators show up at their homes, they'll know the right thing to do: Shut the doors in their faces.

Tell the Department of Justice: Investigate voter intimidation in New Mexico.

FYI for Nov 01, 2008: Exposing the Lies and Stupidity of the Right-Wing Wackos

** Media Matters **
NY Times latest outlet to repeat old and senile McCain campaign misinformation (lies) about impact of Obama's tax plan on small businesses.
In a November 1 New York Times article, reporter Jeff Zeleny quoted McCain spokesman Jeff Sadosky saying: "[Sen.] Barack Obama's plans to raise taxes on small businesses and his attacks on Midwestern family farmers have turned off rural voters at the same time that John McCain's independent record has earned the votes of Republicans, independents and conservative Democrats." But while Zeleny wrote that Obama "dismissed that argument" and "derided what he called a negative campaign being waged by Mr. [John] McCain," Zeleny did not point out that less than 2 percent of taxpayers declaring small business income would see a tax increase in 2009 under Obama's plan, according to estimates by the Tax Policy Center (TPC).

ABC's Robin Roberts did not challenge old and senile McCain's false claim -- reportedly rebutted by his own economic adviser -- that Obama "wants to raise people's taxes".
She did not challenge McCain's claim, even though McCain's own chief economic adviser, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, has reportedly said it is inaccurate to say that "Barack Obama raises taxes." In fact, Obama has proposed cutting taxes for low- and middle-income taxpayers, while raising taxes only on individuals earning more than $200,000 per year and families earning more than $250,000 per year.

Right-wing wacko The War Room's co-whore Rose Tennent on Obama ad: "[D]on't put that jive out there in front of me, devil, and tell me that these people are hurting when they are not hurting".
Tennent has previously asserted that, "I don't think you can be a Christian and vote for Barack Obama."

Fox News on-air graphic misquoted Obama as saying "McCain hasn't been a sidekick, he's been a maverick".
During the October 31 edition of Fox News' Happening Now, while broadcasting Sen. Barack Obama's speech that day in Des Moines, Iowa, Fox News aired on-screen text that misquoted Obama, falsely asserting that he called Sen. John McCain "a maverick." In fact, Obama said of McCain, "I mean, he hasn't been a maverick, he's been a sidekick."

Reuters, ignored old and senile McCain's own vote in reporting Palin's claim that Obama "supported cutting off funding for our troops"

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