Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Rick Santorum: Fuck You, Asshole

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RWNJ Rick Santorum Thanks Gay Soldier for His Service, Many Hours Later
Douchbag: I condemn the people who booed that gay soldier. That soldier is serving our country. I thank him for his service to our country. I'm sure he's doing an excellent job. I hope he's safe and I hope he returns safely and does his mission well.
Well fuck you and the t-bagger you rode in on, asshole. Unlike YOU and your fellow t-baggers/gop scum, that soldier has the patriotic spirit to serve his country.

You, Rick, heard the audience and their un-patriotic and Un-American boos. You just decoded to ignore it. In short, you are a lying son-of-a-bitch.

And quite frankly, if you were telling the truth (I doubt it, since RWNJ's are not capable of telling the truth) if you did not hear the scum in the audience that was RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, I am going to guess you have no business being the leader of this country if you had NO IDEA what is going on right in front of your fat nose!

GOP Pigs/T-bag Assholes Boo Soldier in Combat

Well the true nature of the bigoted, un-Patriotic and un-American assholes known as the GOP (Gross Old Party) and known as T-baggers, are shown in their 'debate'. Why the hell does anyone decent still support this kind of crap is beyond me.

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Republican presidential debate audiences, what with their cheering executions and telling the uninsured to just go and die already, sure are great, aren't they? At tonight's Fox News/Google debate in Florida, the crowd stuck with tradition by booing a gay soldier who'd asked about the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal. Come for the booing, stay for Rick Santorum equating being gay to "sex."

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At Thursday night’s Fox News/​Google Republican debate, one question, posted to YouTube, came from a U.S. Army soldier serving in Iraq. Stephen Hill, donning a gray tee-​shirt emblazoned with the word “ARMY” on the front, asked Rick Santorum if he would try to “circumvent the progress” that has been made in allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly, effectively reinstating Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The audience actually booed him. Hill, apparently, is gay, and was concerned for his future. The idea that anyone would actually “boo” a U.S. service member, serving his country, risking his life in Iraq, is beyond comprehension.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19, 2011 Democracy For America: No New Cuts!

** Democracy for America **

Tell Congress: Everyone must pay their fair share. No new budget cuts without new taxes on the rich!

Add your name here:

March 19, 2011 ACLU: Do You Want (Internet) Big Brother Watching YOU?

** ACLU **

Take Action: Do You Want Big Brother Watching YOU on the Internet?!? Ask Congress to pass Do Not Track protections.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Save Funding for Title X, National Family Planning Program!

** ACLU **
This week, the anti-choice majority in the House could vote to eliminate all funding for Title X, the National Family Planning Program. This extraordinary step would jeopardize the health of millions of women, men and teens who rely on this program and are otherwise unable to afford basic healthcare services.
TAKE ACTION: Stop the Assault on Family Planning and Planned Parenthood!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Save NPR and PBS from the Republican Pigs

The disgusting Republican pigs just released their budget proposal, and it zeroes out funding for both NPR and PBS—the worst proposal in more than a decade. We need to tell Republican pigs that cutting off funding was unacceptable last time they were in charge, and it's unacceptable now.

I just signed the petition to save NPR and PBS. Can you join me at the link below?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chick-fil-A sponsoring Bigots!

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Demand Chick-fil-A Pull Sponsorship from Anti-Gay Event via @change

Chick-fil-A is known as one of the fastest growing fast-food companies in the country. But it turns out the restaurant is serving up far more than just chicken sandwiches. Chick-fil-A has joined with the Pennsylvania Family Institute to sponsor a February event aimed at preserving "biblical" marriage and denouncing marriage equality for same-sex couples.

The Pennsylvania Family Institute (PFI) has been the leading voice in the Keystone State against same-sex marriage. They have argued for a constitutional amendment banning gay couples from getting married. They’ve said that same-sex couples harm civilization. They’ve even stated that for same-sex couples to consider themselves married would be like a dog considering its tail a leg.

And now Chick-fil-A wants to throw their corporate support behind this homophobic organization? Not on our watch.

Please join members now in demanding that Chick-fil-A pull their sponsorship from this anti-gay event immediately. Just click here to sign the urgent petition.

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