Sunday, October 30, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 30, 2016

1)  via @peoplefor House Republicans attacking #LGBT rights in wake of Orlando shooting - Speak out: #EqualityForAll

2) via @ultraviolet Tell USGA, LPGA: Dump Trump! PGA, ESPN & NASCAR stopped doing business with him; you should too.

3) via @TakePart Protect Coastal Rivers From Nickel Strip Mining

4) via @CFSTrueFood Tell @MarsGlobal we don't want any #nano tricks in our #halloween treats! #nanofreehalloween

5) via @moveon Hillary Clinton, Stand with Standing Rock Sioux Against the Dakota Access Pipeline! 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 29, 2016 @ForBetterBanks

1) It's Time to Regulate Predatory Sales Goals at Banks. Sign here @ForBetterBanks petition

2) via @RainforestResq Don’t trash the rainforest for “green” jet fuel!

3) Tell @LibertyU board: @JerryJrFalwell's campaign for Trump is a disgrace. Fire him.

4)  via @Change President Obama: Please restore justice and pardon Don Siegelman

5) via @moveon Tell @POTUS: Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline once and for all #NoDAPL 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 28, 2016

1) via @moveon Pentagon: Come Clean on Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons in Syria

2) Urge the @US_FDA to provide strong oversight of infant formula marketing!

3) via @PETA Turkeys Need You! Urge Vamoose Bus to Remove Offensive 'Turkey Day' Promotion 

4) via @RainforestResq A cry for help from the Amazon rainforest

5) Don't let @Walmart get away with international bribery. Tell @TheJusticeDept & @SEC_News:

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 27, 2016

1) Texas youth team punished for protesting violence against Black youth. Demand end to #BeaumontBulls' punishment

2) via @freepress Tell Washington policymakers: Block the AT&T/Time Warner merger:

3) Tell @FLGovScott not to close down a National Wildlife Refuge in the Everglades. Take action w/ @audubonsociety:

4) Tell Prosecutor Ron O'Brien Tyre King deserves an independent investigation! @prosronob #Justice4Tyre

5) Protect whales, dolphins, and hundreds more. Help name Hudson Canyon a National #MarineSanctuary

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 26, 2016

1) Denounce Japan for Killing Over 300 Whales

2) Justice for Puppy Thrown in Creek and Left to Diev

3)  via @freepress Tell Washington policymakers: Block the AT&T/Time Warner merger:

4) Tell President Obama: Put Solar Panels on Federal Buildings

5)  via@peta Rabbits scream as their fur is torn out for #angora wool! Tell @NormThompson & @Sahalie to stop selling it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 25, 2016

1) "The Apprentice" creators are protecting Trump. Tell advertisers to stop ads on the the show now!

2) Justice for Environmental Activist Murdered in Brazil 

3) Heroic Park Ranger Murdered While Protecting Endangered Gorillas – Demand Justice 

4) Only 300 Cross River gorillas remain & critical habitat is set to be destroyed. Sign to stop the #CrossRiverSuperway

5) via @peoplefor Tell DOJ to fight #VoterSuppression this #Election Day!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 24, 2016

1) Save Hawaiian Yellow-Faced Bees from Extinction

2) Stop Selling Cruelly-Sourced Fur and Angora 

3) Ducks Bashed Against Wall and Decapitated – Demand Justice 

4) Puppy Allegedly Murdered By Revenge-Seeking Man Deserves Justice 

5) via @earthworks Tell @BLMOregon to protect wild rivers from strip #mining! 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 23, 2016

1) via @moveon House: Oppose Engel Bill Which Promotes Syria War & Undermines Iran Deal

2) @POTUS: Stigmatize Russian Cluster Bombs in Syria

3) Tell the EPA: Ban Monsanto's Roundup Unless and Until It's Proven Safe

4) Family Dog Found Dead and Skinned – Perpetrator Must be Found

Friday, October 21, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 21, 2016

1) via @CREDOMobile @NFL players, coaches, @NFLCommish @DeSmithNFLPA: Denounce @realDonaldTrump "locker room" excuse

2) Stop the Native American land grab & reject Rep. Bishop's Public Land Initiative:

3) Kittens Used as Bait in Pit Bull Fights – Demand Justice

4) Demand Justice for Pedals the Bear and Save Bears in New Jersey

5) Justice for Dog Duct-Taped and Left on Road to Die

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 20, 2016

1) Protect Koala Habitats From Land Clearing

2) 911 Operator Accused of Deeming Calls “Not Worth Her Time” Must be Punished

3) Free Gay Couple Arrested for Cuddling on Facebook

4) Stop Bow Hunting Mama Bears With Cubs

5) Rich Socialite Accused of Torching Dogs With Fire Must be Arrested

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 19, 2016

1) via @AFLCIO #1uVote Why is Trump hiding his taxes? Demand @realDonaldTrump release his taxes now:

2) via @CREDOMobile @McDonalds and @realDonaldTrump both have a sexual harassment problem. Stand up to them:

3) Republican leaders need to denounce Trump now

4) Demand your government speak out for whales

5) Pedals the Bear Killed by Hunters – Take Action

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 15, 2016

1) via @demandprogress Tell @SECARMY to overrule @xychelsea Manning's solitary confinement sentence!

2) Trump: I can grab women by the pussy because I’m “a star”

3) Justice for Special Needs Boy Set on Fire

4) Justice for Dog Nearly Poisoned With Pill-Laden Bait

5) via @PETA Urge These Travel Companies to Stop Promoting Cruel Elephant Rides TODAY

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 13, 2016

1)  via @moveon Demand a plan from the Presidential candidates to end the endless war in Afghanistan

2) This Senator can't define sexual assault, is in charge of laws governing it. Take Action:

3) Fire Cops Accused of Sodomizing Man With Screwdriver

4) via @PETA Tell Hallmark Cards to Stop Exploiting Chimpanzees!

5)  I told Congress to support #nationalparks and stand up to #bottledwater industry. Join me and sign:

Friday, October 7, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 11, 2016

1) Record Global Temperatures Reported: Demand Action Now

2)  via @RainforestResq Get carcinogenic refined palm oil out of our food!

3) Let's get Governor Pastika to ban plastic bags now -- sign up #plasticbali

4) There's worse footage of Trump being sexually predatory and extremely racist. Tell NBC & MGM to release it:

5)  I told Congress to support #nationalparks and stand up to #bottledwater industry. Join me and sign:

Petitions to Sign for Oct 07, 2016

1) Protect Bison From Extinction

2) Bring Driver Who Dragged Horse Behind Truck to Justice

3) via @CREDOMobile  Sign the petition: Tell Congress to break up @WellsFargo  @Ask_WellsFargo

4) Horse Tied to Truck and Cruelly Dragged Down Road Deserves Justice

5) Clean Up Massive Garbage Patch in Pacific Ocean

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 06, 2016

1) Punish Motorist Who Vandalized National Park

2) Justice for Woman Burned Alive for Being a ‘Witch’

3) via @moveon Congress: Don't Hide the Count of Pentagon Contractors

4) Stop Selling Endangered Baby Animals for Food or Pets

5) Fire Cops Accused of Beating Mentally Ill Man

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 05, 2016

1) Co-Sponsor the Stop Arctic Ocean Drilling Act

2) via @CREDOMobile Tell @POTUS: Keep military weapons out of the hands of police. #BlackLivesMatter

3) via @CREDOMobile Sign to stand w/ @SenWarren: Tell @TheJusticeDept @FBI to explain failure to prosecute bankers

4) Protect Our Environment and Public Lands from Mining

5) Stray Dogs Tortured and Burned Alive Deserve Justice

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 04, 2016

1) Justice for Dogs Abandoned, Tortured, and Burned Alive\

2) Find Criminal Who Gruesomely Cut Off Cows’ Ears

3) Tell Congress: Get Money Out of Politics and OVERTURN Citizens United

4) Fire Cops Accused of Beating Mentally Ill Man

5) via @moveon Tell GOP leaders: A nuclear-armed Trump is a threat to national security

Monday, October 3, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 03, 2016

1) Officer Betty Shelby was careless and took the life of #TerenceCrutcher, sign today to indict this officer

2) Stop the new Arctic drilling scheme!

3) Justice for Kittens Thrown From Moving Vehicle

4) Justice For Stray Dogs Tortured and Burned Alive

5) End Japan’s Deadly Taiji Dolphin Hunt

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Petitions to Sign for Oct 01, 2016

1) Demand Resignation of Wells Fargo CEO For Illegal Practices by Bank

2) via @network4animals Prevent Zimbabwe Cruelly Exporting Animals to China

3) Vet Seen Brutally Abusing Pets Must Lose License

4) Stop Killing Endangered Wolves for Rancher Using Public Lands

5) Don’t Let Police Officer Get Away With Animal Cruelty

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